Tender Management Tool

The End-to-End Tender Management Solution for Highly Networked Supply Chains

Tender Management Tool

Cesonia’s tender management solution enables the simple, efficient and audit-proof management of tenders in an end-to-end workflow with customers and suppliers.

In addition to the creation and management of tenders, the coordination and communication of all stakeholders is usually extremely time-consuming and tedious. Starting with the preparation of a draft tender, the exchange with superiors and the incorporation of necessary changes, to the approval of the specifications and the subsequent transmission of the tender to the suppliers, including the following feedback loop, this process can be excessively complicated without the right tool.

Value Proposition – Tender Management Tool


– Fast and easy onboarding of new suppliers

– Quick release of digital specifications and updates

Traceability and Versioning

– Efficient, workflow-based and audit-proof change management

– Consistent versioning and comparison of different baselines

Feedback Loops

– Short and transparent feedback loops between all stakeholders

– Communicating and coordinating questions on requirements in real-time

Security and Integration

– Maximum security and sovereignty for all parties involved

– Full integration into existing IT and system landscapes

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