Secure and efficient data-driven collaboration

Cesonia Technology Platform

Business Challenges of a Globalized and Networked Business World

Data is increasingly becoming the backbone of our digital society and has changed to less of a by-product rather than a central component of data-based products and services. They are enablers of developments such as globalization, the Internet of Things and the platform and data economy and have the potential to fundamentally change entire industries, sectors and global value chains. In particular, companies can no longer be regarded as self-contained units. The ability to work efficiently and trustfully with partners and to coordinate them plays a decisive role and can decide between success and failure.

In this age of the data economy, the availability of data across company boundaries plays a crucial role. They form the basis for increasingly complex service offerings and new, digital business models and are often the link between companies, organizations, and services.

Cesonia Technology Platform

Cesonia offers a technology platform for the next generation of data-driven enterprise collaboration. Through the combination of Blockchain and state-of-the-art technologies in data integration and data management, Cesonia allows data exchange across company boundaries and thus forms the basis for synchronization and digitization of individual business processes. The Cesonia platform looks, behaves and feels like a cloud platform but, unlike a cloud platform, does not store any data itself. Instead, it connects organizations and their own IT systems through an end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer network. This allows the seamless flow of information between the different actors and a unified data view for all involved. It thus helps to redesign the interaction between independent and autonomous parties. This, as well as the full control and data sovereignty on the part of the data owner, is the basis for trusting and efficient cooperations.

Components and Architecture of the Cesonia Technology Platform.

We provide

Real-Time Data Access

Facilitation of a consistent database for all parties involved through real-time access to the source systems and provision of current and reliable data

Data Exchange

Cross-company data exchange in an end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer network, as well as local and decentralized data storage

Business Applications

Development of customized applications for the synchronization of individual business processes for more efficiency and quality in cross-company collaboration

Trustworthy Collaboration

Provision of a legal framework through traceability of all actions and transactions thanks to a non-manipulable and blockchain-based audit trail

Customer Benefits


Over 40% cost savings in the integration and use of distributed data

Over 20% increase in productivity through access to reliable data in real-time

Safety and Security

Full data sovereignty and control thanks to local data management and administration

Full traceability and transparency in data processing for compliance with GDPR


Integration of various systems and software solutions

Flexible cooperation across all parties through comprehensive rights management

We Enable

Connect corporate data sources and systems while locally administer access rights to them

Develop individualized software solutions, integrate best practice applications, and participate in cross-enterprise applications

Enable consistent and unified view of data through the secure, efficient, and traceable exchange of data with business partners

Enable predictions and identify optimization potential by the availability of external data and the use of data mining analysis

Incorporate business partners
and share data and information in a predetermined legal framework

Leverage connected data in any advanced application such as business intelligence through a comprehensive interface

Synchronization and automation of individual and cross-company business processes through the use of machine learning algorithms

Establish new and digital business models and enable the monetization of data and know-how