Requirements Exchange Network


By implementing the ReqIF-standard as a starting point, as well as the possibility to exchange information on various topics in secure workspaces, a "Single Point of Truth" can be established. This enables collaboration and coordination between all stakeholders through a single data view and contributes to increased performance and security to protect valuable intellectual property. Based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network and a block-chain-based audit trail, Cesonia offers complete traceability of all activities and the legal basis for cooperation through block-chain integration.

Seamless Flow of Information

Securely share and exchange
requirements across company boundaries

Consistent Workflows

Multi-Tier coordination and collaboration in
workflow-oriented workspaces

Single Point of Truth

Reading, editing and commenting
on requirements and uniform reporting

Exchange of Requirements with Cesonia​

Thanks to the integration of various requirements management systems and their merging across company boundaries, Cesonia allows process optimization, which applies particularly to the collaboration between purchasing and development and ultimately with external development partners. The current process, on the other hand, consists of a large number of steps and manual processes and is therefore not only extremely error-prone but also inefficient, slow and susceptible to information security gaps, deriving in a lack of transparency and traceability.

Exchange of Requirements between two Requirements Management tools​


Thanks to the seamless flow of information, continuous workflows, and a revision-proof audit trail, Cesonia allows fast and comprehensible feedback between departments and companies. This offers great advantages for both the OEM and the supplier, especially in purchasing and engineering.

Benefits for OEMs

Traceability and
versioning of changes

- Contracts based on specifications
- Safety-related requirements
-Clearly defined responsabilities

More efficient

- Increased transparency
- Increased efficiency
- Less prone to errors

More efficient
Tender process

- Compare feedback
- Publication of changes
-Version control

High data

- Reduced costs
- Reducing errors
- High data security

Benefits for Suppliers

Targeted release of data for subcontractors and the OEM

- IP protection
- Process stability

Enrichment of the data
to be released with own data

- IP protection
- Process consistency

Quicker feedback & queries
through integrated processes

- Increased efficiency
- Consistent cooperation

Importing the data into your own requirements management system

- Master data management
- Independence of interfaces
and data format