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With COVID-19, we are currently in a crisis of global proportions that is bringing the automotive industry's highly branched supply chains to a standstill. This is due to strongly fluctuating sales markets on the one hand, but also to the hard to guarantee parts supply.

Cesonia connects companies and their individual IT systems as a backbone, without storing project data itself, and allows current data and information to be shared securely. The connection of distributed, simply structured data such as Excel files or database systems allows the fast and flexible creation of continuous and supply chain-wide reporting, without having to send data manually in files.

The desired data is displayed in the table view, whereas on dashboards it is visualized in graphs and diagrams through individual preparation. In combination with audit-proof change management, a "single point of truth" can be guaranteed for all parties along the supply chain at all times.

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Seamless Flow of Information

Secure sharing of structured data, table information and reports along the supply chain

Consistent Workflows

Access to up-to-date and reliable data along the
entire supply chain for holistic reporting

Single Point of Truth

Display and visualization of shared data and table information for uniform reporting

Table View

Access table information along the entire supply chain in real-time by connecting and merging information contained in excel files and rational databases

Display, filter and share table information with external partners and speed up collaboration by using reliable and up-to-date data


Develop and share custom reports, visualization dashboards, and analysis along the entire supply chain using internal and external table information available within a workspace

Clear and efficient coordination of all parties involved through the visualization of relevant and up-to-date information


Availability of Up-to-Date
and Reliable Data

Increased Transparency Along the Supply Chain

Reduction of Parallel Data Worlds

Process Quality

Stabilization of Inaccurate Processes

Reduce Manual Processes


Increased Agility

Dissolving Rigid Structures From Existing Solutions

Guarantee of
Information Security

End-to-End Encrypted Data Transmission

Securing Error-Prone Processes