Inside the Tender Management Tool

Configuration of specifications

Configuration of requirement specifications, if required also variants of specifications and tender documents for real-time coordination between purchasing, development and suppliers.

Support a complete documentation of all contractually relevant specifications through a contract- and revision-secure audit trail.

Traceability of changes

Audit-proof change management and comprehensive versioning for controlling, coordinating and communicating changes with all parties involved.

Easier comparison of different releases and highlighting of changes through an easily configurable clear display.

Status Overview

Detailed overview of the approval and evaluation status of various process partners, through the networking of relevant parties and a continuous workflow.

Overview of ongoing and agreed change requests to monitor and control the change management process.

Comparison of supplier offers

Efficient evaluation of suppliers, especially when purchasing complex development services and systems, by comparing several offers in a detailed view.

Display of economic and technical evaluations, status of suppliers and the history of changes per requirement for optimal comparability of offers.

Value Proposition – Tender Management


  • Configuring and selective sharing of digital specifications
  • Defining and providing individual baselines for each supplier


  • Versioning of requirements, digital specifications and offers
  • Versioning of all change requests based on each specification


  • Creation of tender templates for standardization and greater efficiency
  • Creation of offer templates for better comparability of offers

Bidder analysis

  • Automated comparison of different offers and specification versions
  • Individual evaluation of feedback and change requests

Review and Feedback

  • Synchronization of engineering and purchasing workflows
  • Real-time collaboration between purchasing, engineering and supplier

Audit Trail

  • Legal framework and contract management due to Blockchain-based smart contracts
  • Consistent, traceable and revision-proof audit trail, documenting all desired changes of requirements


  • Communication and coordination of a timeline for the tendering process
  • Determining and communicating deadlines as well as controlling and monitoring of activities

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