Inside the Requirements Management Tool 

Flexible requirements editor

Creation and management of modules, including unique requirements, attributes and their dependencies for reuse in different versions and variants in any project.

View, edit, write, and restructure requirements in real-time while ensuring a revision-proof change management.

Individual Dashboard

A uniform web interface provides a single point of truth for all participants, whereby uniform reporting in common understanding and project controlling is made possible.

Individually configurable dashboards provide a fast overview of the latest discussions, notifications, and status updates.

Real-time Collaboration

Engage in real-time collaboration and discussions based on individual requirements to significantly shorten feedback loops and support a direct coordination across all internal stakeholder.

Role-based communication and clearly defined responsibilities helps to keep everyone in the loop and up-to-date and leads to faster responses.

Traceability of changes

Track all changes and actions at any time using comprehensive versioning across different systems and data sources and audit-proof change management.

Directly compare different release versions and their respective discrepancies by displaying and highlighting the differences.

Value Proposition -Requirements Management

Creation & Editing

  • Creating a requirements databases with filtering capabilities to be reused in different projects
  • Linking capabilities between objects to specify dependencies to understand and control the chain of action and communication


  • Comparison of requirements with different versions and variants
  • Traceability of all changes across different versions and variants


  • Setting different baselines for requirements and “specifications”
  • Reporting of key metrics and project status overview

Import & Export

  • Importing requirements from different sources and formats
  • Export of requirements to different sources and formats


  • Individually configurable processes for the internal coordination of requirements
  • Searching for requirements and content (e.g. searching for attached files)

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Manage complex tenders with several suppliers by automatically comparing offers and feedback as well as audit-proof change management.


Change and coordinate requirements and specifications with suppliers and optimize collaboration through consistent workflows and a single point of truth