Insides Requirements Collaboration Network

Dynamic product specification

Connect to any requirements management tool being used internally to share product specifications within workspaces with any supplier and partner through an easy-to-use web interface.

View, edit, write, and restructure requirements in real-time while ensuring a revision-proof change management.

Individual Dashboards

A unified web interface provides a Single Point of Truth for everybody involved while ensuring full security and control, by connecting to local IT Systems and data sources.

Individually configurable dashboards provide a fast overview of the latest discussions, notifications, and status updates.

Real-time Collaboration

Requirements to significantly shorten feedback loops and support a direct coordination across the entire supply chain.

Non-person-related communication helps to keep everyone in the loop and up-to-date, which leads to faster responses.

Traceability of changes

Track all changes and actions at any time using comprehensive versioning across different systems and data sources and audit-proof change management.

Directly compare different release versions and their respective discrepancies by displaying and highlighting the differences.

Status Overview

Get a detailed overview of the release and acceptance status of different departments or companies, by networking all relevant parties and supporting a continuous workflow.

Display of different status and outstanding feedback and the possibility to filter according to these.

Comparison of Feedback

Efficiently evaluate suppliers when purchasing complex development services and system components by comparing feedback from several suppliers in a detailed view.

Display comments, status, and dependencies of the feedback on other requirements as well as a timestamp.

Value Proposition – Features Requirements Collaboration Network


  • Digitally sharing and exchanging requirements and specifications with your supply chain
  • Pulling and pushing requirements to and from existing company-specific requirements management tools

Change Management

  • Editing, commenting and agreeing on changed requirements through a workflow-based change management
  • Consistent and traceable versioning of all changes across the entire supply chain


  • Branching and merging of requirements and specifications versions
  • Establishing different baselines for collaborating with different suppliers


  • Uniform view for all parties involved through a single point of truth
  • Collaborate on single requirements internally and with partners in real-time


  • Creating custom metrics and graphs to be used in project reports and dashboards
  • Mapping of communicative chains of action and automated notification of changes

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Define, manage and validate complex product requirements and their dependencies in a single source of truth to reduce risk and defects


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