Cesonia Collaboration Suite


As a middleware, Cesonia does not store any project data itself. Instead, Cesonia bridges the gap between companies and their individual requirements management systems and provides an approach in which decentralized organizations and systems are interconnected allowing information to seamlessly flow between the different actors. This allows consistent workflows across multiple levels of a supply chain and enables a process-driven collaboration.

By implementing the ReqIF standard as a baseline as well as the possibility to exchange information on different topics in secure workspaces, a “Single Point of Truth” can be established. This enables collaboration and coordination between all stakeholders on a uniform data view and helps to increase performance as well as security to protect valuable intellectual property. Based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network and a blockchain-based audit trail, Cesonia provides full traceability of all activities due to its blockchain integration.
Flow of
Securely share and exchange
requirements across company
Coordination and collaboration
in workflow-oriented
Single Point of Truth
Reading, editing and
commenting on requirements
and uniform reporting