Accelerate product development with Cesonia

As a middleware and broker, Cesonia builds the bridge between companies and their individual IT systems. By connecting organizations and systems, the seamless flow of information between the various players is supported. This enables consistent workflows across all levels of a supply chain and allows efficient, flexible, and secure collaboration. To this end, information on various topics is exchanged in secure workspaces, thus establishing a “single point of truth”. Based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network and a block-chain-based audit trail, Cesonia offers complete and audit-proof traceability of all activities as well as the legal basis for cooperation.


Define, manage and validate complex product requirements and their dependencies, as well as reduce risk and defects with a single source of truth.

Cesonia provides a cost-effective requirements management and collaboration tool to keep all stakeholders up to date and to optimize coordination processes.


Define and manage complex tenders with multiple suppliers and reduce risk through an audit-proof change management.

In combination with its Requirements Collaboration Network, Cesonia enables fast and secure collaboration between customer and supplier while keeping track of individual baselines.


Exchange and coordinate requirements and specifications with suppliers as well as optimize of cooperate through a single point fo truth.

Cesonia allows revision-proof versioning of different baselines and a workflow-based change management for fast feedback loops.

Seamless Flow of Information

Securely share and exchange data and information along the supply chain.

Consistent Workflows

Consistent and audit-proof workflows across all levels of the supply chain

Single Point of Truth

Uniform visualization and coordination of shared data and information